MI-UAS will lead the nation in the training and integration of Uninhabited Aerial Systems (UAS) for First Responders, Special Response Teams (SRT), Agricultural, and Infrastructure monitoring.  

Our Mission

  1. Increase the efficiency of firefighting and first response.
  2. Save lives and property in dwelling and structure fires, hazmat situations, and natural disasters.
  3. Re-purpose B.O. Davis Aerospace Academy at Coleman A. Young International Airport as a UAS Training Center for Urban Firefighting and Special Response Teams.
  4. Create 1,000s of new UAS related jobs.
  5. Lead the Industry with the most comprehensive online Ecosystem of products, training resources, certified pilots, and technicians.



  • Begin with the best available technology partners with proven technology to mitigate risk.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with federal, state, and community leaders to ensure safe and reliable integration.
  • Leverage sponsorship fees, grants, and nonprofit programs to fund the initial training of 10 Lockheed-Martin Indago Quadrotors with dual EO/IR vision system research, administration, consultants, grant writers, action planning, and operations support.
  • Host stakeholder meetings to establish expectations, action plans, milestones, and business planning workshops.
  • Produce/distribute UAS white papers regarding technology, applications, and regulatory requirements
  • Unify communications/collaboration with members
  • Integrate Michigan’s test range capabilities with standard processes for safe/efficient UAS operations
  • Promote Michigan as a user-friendly and cooperative state for UAS operations
  • Engage regional and international partners to bolster our proposal.
  • Pursue FAA award as a Certificate of Authorization to fly UAS in Detroit.
  • Facilitate UAS exhibitions and conferences to invite users and innovators to our training facility.
  • Sustain research, development, and technology evolution through membership fees and product sales.

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